Hero’s is Undergoing a Major Renovation

As of August 26th, 2019, Hero’s will be undergoing a major renovation and change of focus. For over 13 years, Hero’s has been providing first class birthday parties for the children of the greater Toledo area. However, as our own kids have grown and changed…so is Hero’s and we have turned our focus to an older crowd. You may have already seen our 11 Axe throwing lanes, but soon you will also find indoor lawn games like Bocce Ball, Lawn Bowling, Kuub, Moellky, and more. Also we are adding adult arcade games like Skee Ball, Basketball and Mario Kart. Hero’s will once again be a great birthday party destination, but we will focus on an older crowd starting at 10 years old. Please feel free to call or text us at 419-351-2102 if you are interested in a new Axe Throwing party for your kids or adults! Thank You for 13 years of support and we are looking forward to the future of Hero’s & Axe 419!