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The birthday party you'll never forget.

What's included in a Hero's Toledo Party?

In a word…"everything!"  Check out our package details for a complete list, but your party will include tableware, pizza, cupcakes, drinks, active playtime and, as always, your very own Party Hero to guide your child and all their guests through two full hours of engaging fun.

Are my parties private?

YES!  Your group will never be sharing an attraction or a party room with another birthday party.  It's likely there will be other parties in the facility, but your time on the inflatables, sandlot, carnival tent, rock star salon, laser tag arena and party room is always for your group only.

Can I bring my own Decorations?

Yes! Special Table Decorations look great in your private party room and you are more than welcome to bring your own. Plus, this won't add any work for you because we'll make sure your room gets set up just the way you want it. Just keep in mind that we may not have a lot of time between parties so please be reasonable with what you bring.  Please no wall or ceiling decorations.


A $50 deposit reserves your special date and time.  Up to one week before your party, the deposit is fully refundable.  Within one week of your party, your deposit can be transferred to another date and/or time or simply forfeited. Hero's accepts VISA, MasterCard, Discover, Personal Checks, and Cash. Sorry, No American Express.

How long will my party last?

All of our parties are 2 hours long.  And we jam pack those 2 hours with fun! Young children are happy to go from one activity to the next, and we've learned that 2 hours is just the right amount of time for games, presents, pizza, drinks, and cupcakes. Due to our scheduling, we cannot extend the length of any party.  If you have a large group or think you'll need more time, why not rent our entire facility on a week day? We'd love to have you.

Who do I get charged for?

Our Star Parties include 10 children in the base package. Additional guests are $10 each.  At Hero's, there are no awkward surprises – you're only charged for the children who actively participate in the party.  You don't need to worry about big brother or baby sister who just came along to watch, and you never need to worry about the adults who stay to watch the festivities.  Want to add one or two more children? The more the merrier! You won't need to provide a head count. You only get charged for the additional kids that show up.

Do you supply birthday cake?

Yes! We have fresh-baked cupcakes that we bake from scratch each week.  At your party, each child will get to decorate their own cupcake with sprinkles and candies.  The cupcakes are arranged into a tower with candles, we turn down the lights and sing Happy Birthday! It's a great moment for your child and for their guests. If you'd like to provide your own themed cake, that's fine too. Just let us know before the day of the party. No other outside food is allowed by the Wood County Health Department.


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Food & Drink

Frequently Asked Questions


The PiZZA is MADE right here!

what food is included in the party packages?

All parties include two 14" cheese or pepperoni pizzas that are served about an hour into the party when the children enter the party room.  Parties of 16 or more kids will have three pizzas included.  Two pitchers of fountain drinks are also included, your choice of Fruit Punch, Lemonade, Orange Fanta, Sprite, Coke or Diet Coke.  Fountain drinks and coffee are also included for the party parents.

can I bring my own food and drink?

With the exception of a Birthday Cake and special dietary needs, Health Department regulations don't allow outside food and drinks.  If you have a specific need, just let us know and we can discuss it prior to your event.

what if i want to feed the adults who stay for the party?

No problem! Hero's Toledo offers a popular adult food package that includes two 14" cheese or pepperoni pizzas with unlimited fountain drinks and coffee for up to 8 adults.  Plus, extra pizzas and drinks can always be purchased at the cafe counter or added to the party's final bill. You can also order an amazing fruit or veggie tray we just need 24 hours advance notice for that.

are your pizzas brought in from across town like other places?

NO, Hero's has a Wood County Food Service Permit and we make our pizzas on site just for your party.  Our pizzas are always hot and fresh and we can accommodate any last minute additions. Hungry children will never have to wait for their pizza at Hero's!


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all about Guests

Frequently Asked Questions


The more the merrier!

What should the children wear?

ALL children must wear socks!  Hero's Toledo has socks available for purchase if needed.  They can be purchased by the child's parents before the party or they can be added to the party's final bill.  Our socks cost $2 so please remember to remind all guests to bring their own.  Children should also wear clothing appropriate for physical activity.  Avoid heavy, bulky clothing and jewelry.  Any jewelry and sharp objects will be placed aside during the inflatable rides and the Sandlot, so it's best to just leave them at home.

can adults participate in the party?

Of course!  We encourage adults to join in the fun with the kids but it is completely up to you. Some adults prefer to sit back and relax in our back yard patio and others like to get in and play right along with the kids and their designated Hero.

when should we arrive?

Have your guests arrive 10 minutes before your party starts.  Don't worry that children might get bored while waiting, because we'll keep them busy with a fun activity.  Our parties need to start on time in order to be fair to the guests who have scheduled a party after yours.

how many guests can I have?

Our party rooms can accommodate up to 20 children. More than that and kids might need to squeeze a little.  Adults tend to hang out outside the Party Room in our comfortable adult seating area where they can watch all the action of the party through the windows without the noise.  The more adults the better!

See our Guest Safety Policy and Waiver for more information.


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The Party Experience

Think banquet hall — FOR KIDS!


We're the best because we do only one thing—PARTY!

With our parties by advanced reservation, we give you excellent service and your child a party they will remember for a lifetime.  Leave the chaos of typical birthday party venues behind and choose our organized and personalized party zone where your birthday child is always the star!  One or more of our "Party Hero's" is always assigned just to you. They organize the party, lead the games, and provide everything to make sure your child has a birthday to remember.

What Exactly is a Hero's Party All About?


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Hero's 2Go

We bring the party to you!


Toledo's Best mobile party experience since 2006

what is a hero's 2go party?

Just the most fun you can have, right at home! Hero's will bring out a trailer full of games, props and an inflatable.  We'll take care of setting everything up, your Party Hero entertains the children for an hour and a half, then packs everything up and waves goodbye. A Hero's 2GO party offers all the excitement and guided fun of our famous indoor playground parties, right in your own backyard!

do you bring any food?

Hero's 2GO parties are entertainment only.  It is up to you to provide food, drinks and cake for your group.

what happens if it rains?

At Hero's, we will always do everything possible to work around your needs.  Some of our activities can be held indoors, and we will work with you to schedule an appropriate rain date. Best of all, we may be able to move your party to our indoor facility if we have an opening.  Regardless of the weather, we'll work together to make sure your child's special day isn't ruined by Mother Nature!

what kind of inflatable do you bring?

Our $299 base package includes our large Bounce House and is truly fun for kids of all ages.  Your Party Hero will get inside with the children to organize the games and keep everyone safe.  Backyard Parties also include a second Hero who comes equipped to do face painting and Balloon Animals.

what is your deposit and cancellation policy?

All Hero's 2GO events require a minimum deposit of $150 or more for larger events.  2GO deposits are non-refundable but in most cases may be transferable to a future event.  In the case of bad weather, Hero's will determine if the event has to be cancelled due to rain or high wind.  In the event that Hero's has to cancel the event due to weather, and no suitable rain date can be found, the deposit would be refunded.  Hero's accepts VISA, MasterCard, Discover, Checks, and Cash. Sorry, No American Express.

Can I schedule my Hero's 2go party online?

We currently book all Hero's 2Go party packages and rentals by phone. Call (419) 873-9400 or send a text message to (419) 351-2102.


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